3 Top Android Lifestyle Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Way of life is one of the significant classes of android applications. As its name proposes, way of life applications plan to improve your life and simpler. The accompanying three way of life applications unquestionably can liven up your life and present to you a great deal of comfort.

My Important Days

Have you at any point overlooked some significant dates? Have ever you been accused by your supervisor since you neglected to complete the work he requested that you do? My Important Days is here to enable you to out. It is a date-update that causes you never miss any occasions or other remembrance days.

Primary highlights:

– Holidays in USA, UK and China

– Count down naturally the following significant day on work area gadget

– Add your own Memorial Days

– Set morning timer in schedule

– Export rundown of days

In the event that you are an absent minded man, My Important Days is an unquestionable requirement for you.


You should be miserable to get undesirable calls from others while dozing. It is very irritating to change your telephone’s settings consistently before you head to sleep and change it back after you find a good pace morning. So Good Night may assist you with taking care of this issue. It is an application that empowers you to tweak the reasonable settings while dozing. You have to set time to rest and find a good pace. When the resting opportunity is approaching, your telephone would auto-change the settings into the related mode. It will change back once the time has come to find a workable pace. Not exclusively would it be able to assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from undesirable calls while dozing, however it can spare your battery.

So you ought to download it in the event that you need to rest soundly without being upset by others.

Bill Splitter

As its name recommends, Bill Splitter is utilized to part charges. It is actually a decent assistant particularly when you go out for supper with others and need to part the bill similarly. You simply need to enter the complete bill, number of individuals, tips (by rate or fixed sum), and afterward the sum every individual should pay turns out. You can likewise utilize it to figure your own bill. Enter the aggregate sum, duty and tips, and afterward the sum you should pay turns out. It is speedy and simple!

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