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keyboard and mouse buying guideFew things will affect your interaction with your computer more directly than your keyboard and mouse. These are your main input devices. We tend to forget about them, because desktops often come with a keyboard and mouse, and laptops have a built-in keyboard and touchpad. In most cases, however, your IT experience can be greatly improved by purchasing a keyboard and mouse designed to meet your specific needs.

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Having the right keyboard makes a huge difference in terms of typing accuracy and speed. It can give you a significant advantage over your opponents when you are playing video games. Also, not all keyboards make the same noise when you tap the keys. Really! Typing can be almost silent, but it can also drive people next to you crazy.

Before purchasing a keyboard, you should consider the following features: backlight, adjustable tilt, shape and size of the keys. You should also ask yourself if you need a full-size keyboard with numeric keypad or a more compact model. There are also several important choices that are worth exploring in more detail.

Wired or wireless

wired keyboard
When choosing a new keyboard, most people must first decide whether they want a wired or wireless keyboard.

In general, wired keyboards are often less expensive, at least the basic models. You can connect them to your computer using a USB cable (make sure the cable is long enough for your installation), and you never need to worry about batteries, which is a big plus. Because of this USB connection, some wired keyboards have one or two USB ports, allowing the keyboard to act as a mini hub for connecting other devices to your computer.

Wireless keyboards wireless keyboardare extremely popular because they work without a USB cable, which saves space on your desk. Most use Bluetooth connectivity, but some connect using a small 2.4 GHz USB receiver. Power is typically supplied from the built-in batteries (charged with a USB cable), but some wireless keyboards use AA batteries. Some wireless keyboards can be connected to more than one device, so they can be used with multiple computers or tablets.

Wireless keyboards are also accessories often used with computer-based multimedia devices such as video broadcasters.

Mechanical keyboards

mechanical keyboard
Most keyboards sold in recent decades are equipped with keys operated by rubber domes. This cuts costs and makes typing virtually silent.

mechanical keyboard system

However, when they decide to get a better keyboard, many people buy a keyboard that uses mechanical switches. These keyboards resemble computer keyboards from the 1970s and 1980s, and their keys have spring-loaded switches. Mechanical keyboards offer much more tactile feedback, and many people find that traditional keyboards offer a “soft” feel by comparison. Not all mechanical keyboards are the same: it all depends on the switches used. Some require more force than others to activate, and some produce a stronger “click” than others. Mechanical keyboards are particularly popular for applications that require precision such as video games, writing and coding.


The mouse is what helped launch the era of personal computers, including the graphical user interface that we all take for granted. Having the right mouse can make all the difference in your IT experience.wired mouse

There are several things to consider, such as the size and shape of the mouse (not all mice are ideal for all hands) and the accuracy of tracking. You should also check whether it is a left-handed or right-handed mouse (or both) and whether it has additional buttons or scroll wheels for improved navigation or automation. Casual users don’t care about precision, but those who do precision work like image editing need a mouse with high resolution tracking.

It is also advisable to invest in a good mouse pad. Many mice guarantee precise tracking on almost any surface, but they always perform better on a good quality mouse pad.

Wired or wireless

wireless mouse

As with keyboards, computer mice are available wired and wireless. The main advantage of wireless mice is the same: there is one less cable cluttering the desktop. And one less USB port used on the computer. Nowadays, most wireless mouse use built-in batteries that charge with a USB cable, and you can also connect them with a USB cable; some use replaceable AA batteries. A mouse with wire usually costs less and contains no batteries to recharge.

As with wireless keyboards, some companies offer wireless mice that can be connected to multiple devices.

Video games

The keyboards and mice used to play video games are special. The needs of players for keyboard and mouse are very different from those of conventional computer users.
wired gaming keyboardResponse time is essential for video games, and a fraction of a second late can make the difference between winning and losing. For this reason, most keyboards and mice for the video game market are wired rather than wireless. This eliminates any risk of lag.

Gaming keyboards wired gaming mouseand gaming mice also offer other features designed to reduce the time it takes to initiate an action in the game. They may include buttons that can be programmed to perform actions in specific games. Gaming keyboards offer interlocking technology to facilitate multi-key combinations. Keyboards and mice for this market often use multi-color LED lighting that helps players find keys when it is dark and which also illuminates specific keys used in a game.

Finally, video games can test everyday input devices. The keys and buttons are pressed repeatedly and sometimes forcefully. Gaming keyboards and mice are designed to resist abuse. The number of keystrokes (lifespan) is often indicated in the specifications of gaming keyboards (which are often mechanical to improve accuracy and extend lifespan).

You can also use a gaming keyboard and mouse for your daily computing tasks (some people just love the effects of colored LED lighting), but these devices cost more expensive than classic models.

Ergonomic options

When using a keyboard and mouse for an extended period, it’s a good idea to choose an ergonomic model. Some devices are specially designed to reduce tension on users’ wrists and prevent injuries from repetitive movements. It takes a while to get used to the ergonomic keyboards, but they offer more comfortable extended use.

ergonomic keyboard and mouse

What about laptops?

Laptops include an integrated keyboard and touchpad. They are very effective when the laptop is used as a portable device. But in many cases, laptop owners sit at their desks and use their laptops as if they were a compact desktop computer. In this kind of scenario, the experience with the integrated keyboard and touchpad can be disappointing.

desk computerFirst, laptop keyboards are often smaller than standalone models, and the placement of their keys is slightly different. It slows you down. Most importantly, the keyboard and touchpad are often placed in an inconvenient location for extended use on a desk. Purchasing a standalone keyboard and mouse greatly improves your experience when using your laptop on a desk and lets you position the screen where you want it without worrying about how it will affect typing on your keyboard.

Some manufacturers now offer portable wireless keyboards to make it easier to use laptops (and tablets). They are small enough to fit in a bag or backpack, and they allow you to type on your laptop more comfortably wherever you are: at school, in a cafe or at a hotel.

keyboard and mouse combo

Keyboard and mouse sets

Many manufacturers offer keyboard and mouse sets. They look the same and offer the same level of functionality. If you hate having mismatched accessories or if you prefer a particular brand, a keyboard and mouse set may be the ideal solution.

Mac or PC

Finally, we often wonder if there is a difference between keyboards and mice for Windows computers and Macs. In a word, yes. But it is not that simple.

Windows recognizes left and right mouse clicks, while Apple’s macOS system is designed for a mouse with a single button. The top surface of Appleā€™s Magic Mice mouse recognizes multi-touch gestures (drag and drop).

Apple wireless keyboard and mouse

The keyboards for Windows and Mac also have some differences, especially when it comes to special keys. For example, there is no “Windows” key on a Mac keyboard. The backspace key on a Windows keyboard is the delete key on a Mac keyboard, although both keys do the same thing.

With the exception of mice designed specifically for Macs (this single button is hard to bypass), most keyboards and mice can be used on both platforms. Both operating systems allow you to program a keyboard and mouse. You may end up with a special touch that doesn’t do what it says, but the main function is the same. But if in doubt, check the product description to check its compatibility.


Other interesting accessories

If you want to buy a new keyboard and a new mouse for your computer, don’t forget that there are other interesting accessories. First, a good mousepad allows for more precise monitoring. If you are working with software that can take advantage of the annotation or drawing function, a graphic tablet and a stylus provide a much better experience. A wrist guard can help relieve your wrist fatigue when you type.

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Whatever your IT needs, Best Buy has keyboard and mouse you need. Whether you want to improve your productivity, play video games, use a Mac or PC, or even improve your comfort when you use your laptop for an extended period, choose a keyboard and a mouse adapted to your needs to improve your experience. computer science.

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