Guide to taking care of yourself

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Slowing down and taking a moment for yourself can seem counterproductive in a world where everything is going fast. However, taking time for yourself would decrease anxiety and stress, as well as improve concentration. This would allow you to achieve your goals more effectively and help others do the same. If you want to be your best this year, treat yourself to more importance to your well-being.

The basis for taking care of yourself: sleep quality

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While sleep is a crucial element to physical and mental well-being, it is too often overlooked by many. In the short term, poor sleep quality affects cognitive skills and energy and attention levels. If you are less alert, then it is obvious that you are also at greater risk of accidents. In fact, your ability to function degrades as soon as you lack only one to two hours of sleep. In the longer term, poor sleep quality increases the chances of developing chronic illnesses such as heart disease, depression and obesity. Thus, adopting better sleep habits is really the starting point and the basis for taking care of yourself.

Better sleep thanks to technologies to improve sleep

When it comes to improving the quality of sleep, not only must you make sure you get enough hours of sleep, but you also need to sleep on a regular schedule. If you sleep at different times of the day and take naps to “catch up” on lost sleep, it disrupts your internal clock and decreases sleep quality when the real time comes to sleep. The key to better sleep is consistency. The technology to improve sleep quality can help you sleep better, even if you can’t sleep longer.

Smart lighting

It is well known that to sleep well, it is better to get the right mattress and refrain from taking stimulants like caffeine and nicotine, but in the digital age, avoiding looking at bright screens just before going to bed is just as important. To help you further, schedule a schedulesmart lighting to regulate your circadian rhythm (or internal clock). Some smart light bulbs are specially designed to adjust at different times of the day to help you sleep, but you don’t have to go to smart technology to get the benefits. Some light bulbs (not smart) do the job just as well, andother still can even help you wake up in the morning.

Meditation headband and mobile apps

If you are still having trouble going to bed and falling asleep at the same time of the evening, consider the practice of mindfulness meditation. This meditation technique has proven itself and has repeatedly proven to be effective in reducing stress and improving sleep. You do not know where to start? The meditation headbands, smart watches and physical activity monitors will guide you through your meditation sessions (some models require that you download an additional mobile application). Make yourself comfortable with these meditation cushions rectangular, round or crescent-shaped.

White noise machines

White noise machines have been around for a long time. The concept is simple: it is a device that emits background noise (white noise) to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. But how do they work?

white noise machineWhite noise is a sound that contains several sound frequencies at the same time, of equal volume. For this reason, white noise easily camouflages other sounds. Noise from a sizzling television and noise from an electric fan are common examples of white noise. If you play white noise while sleeping, it will reduce the perception of background noise and higher-pitched sounds (like that of a door closing). In addition, some people say that the white noise soothes them and that it allows them to concentrate better when they are awake.

Several things can emit white noise, but the advantage of a white noise machine is customization. Most models offer a variety of different sounds and offer the option of adjusting the volume to get the perfect combination in order to get the best sleep possible. Many also have a timer for the machine to turn off automatically. Thus, it will be on long enough for you to fall asleep, but will not work overnight. Some machines, likeLectrofan EVO sleep device, offer sounds of different frequencies, such as pink noise which has an even more soothing effect than simple white noise. Still others run on batteries and are great for travel. With all these options, it is certain that you will find the ideal white noise machine for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Audio headband for sleep

image of AcousticSheep SleepPhones sleep audio headbandA white noise machine isn’t for everyone – maybe you share a room with someone, or you just want to fall asleep while listening to music. In this case, you will probably want to try a audio headband for sleep. This device is reminiscent of headphones, except that it is designed from a strip of fabric that wraps comfortably around the head. Several models, like this one from AcousticSheep, are compatible via Bluetooth so you can listen to music or white noise apps without worrying about dropping your headphones or getting tangled. These headbands can also be used as a sleep mask for the eyes to block the light. If you need to isolate yourself completely from your immediate surroundings to get a good night’s sleep, this device is probably just what you need.

Sleep monitors

If you really want to maximize the quality of your sleep, consider using a sleep monitor. These are devices that you carry or put in your bed when you sleep so that they can record your sleep patterns and cycles. Most monitors are compatible with an application that improves the quality of your sleep and tracks your different sleep cycles.

image of man sleeping wearing the Hupnos Anti-Snoring Sleep Mask

There are several kinds of sleep monitors. The Withings Sleep sleep sensor slip under your mattress to record and analyze your sleep. In the morning, he will provide you with a score for the quality of your sleep for the night and recommendations for improving it the next night. This sensor also records snoring and respiratory irregularities. Snoring, in addition to being annoying to those around you, comes with a lot of health risk factors. When you snore, you are not breathing properly. Sleep apnea (severe snoring) is associated with several health risks. This device can detect if sleep apnea is a nuisance to your sleep. If necessary, you can then consult a doctor about this.

The Hupnos anti-snoring mask is perfect for snorers. This mask applies positive exhalation pressure (EPAP) to the nasal area to promote better breathing and reduce snoring. In addition, when it detects that you are snoring, it sends light vibrations to encourage you to change position for better breathing without waking up. In addition, its compatible application monitors your snoring habits.

Treat yourself with a relaxing day at home

Taking care of yourself makes sense when paying attention to your health goes well with well-being, and the best way to do this is to have fun with a relaxing day, like at the spa, in the comfort of home. Common spa treatments are aromatherapy and massage therapy, which have many health benefits: reduced stress, anxiety, muscle tension and body pain, as well as promoting faster healing. However, not everyone has the time or the money to go to a relaxation center whenever the need arises. Fortunately, with the help of a few affordable products, you can recreate your own spa at home, always at your disposal.

Aromatherapy at home

Thearomatherapy involves the use of aromatic oils to improve both your physical and mental health. This is a very simple and effective way to recreate the ambiance of a treatment that you would receive in a spa. Aromatherapy is known to have multiple health benefits, including reducing stress, improving sleep quality, reducing headaches and body aches. The most common methods used in aromatherapy are to light scented candles, use scented body products, as well as bath products like bath bombs and bath salts. That said, the best way is to use essential oils in an aromatherapy diffuser.

Essential oils

image of bottle of Ellia cinnamon essential oilThe essential oils are liquid compounds extracted from plants to capture the smell or “essence”. Whether it’s simply smelling the scent or applying it directly to the skin, these oils are most often used for their aromatherapeutic benefits. The most popular oils are those that come from plants known for their fragrance, such as mint, lavender and more.

Essential oils have become very popular in aromatherapy due to the many benefits associated with them. For many people, essential oils have been shown to soothe symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and headaches. Even if you don’t suffer from any of these symptoms, you must recognize that aromatherapy with essential oils improves the mood when you take care of yourself and want to relax.

For best results, several essential oils, like this Ellia cinnamon essential oil, are designed to evaporate through a diffuser.

Diffusers for aromatherapy

The essential oil diffusers are devices that allow you to spread your favorite essential oils in the air so you can smell them. Using a diffuser is an effective way to disperse an odor all over the room. However, there are several models of diffusers, with different functionalities, which will give you the benefits of aromatherapy in many ways.

image of the Stadler Form Jasmine essential oil aromatherapy diffuserA soft heat diffuser warms essential oils so that they evaporate into the air. These diffusers make it possible to use less oil, since they produce a strong odor, but the heat can modify the chemical composition of the oil and therefore reduce its therapeutic benefits. A evaporative diffuser, meanwhile, disperses oil in the air through evaporation without using heat. It does not diffuse an odor as powerful as soft heat diffusers, but is perfect for small spaces. The ultrasonic humidifiers, as the Ellia Reflect by HoMedics, use ultrasonic vibrations and water to distribute the oil molecules in the air in a fine mist. These diffusers are powerful, so use them with caution if you are sensitive to strong odors. Finally, the spray diffusers use pressurized air to vaporize the essential oils into highly concentrated micro-particles which are then released into the air. Spray diffusers tend to be more expensive, but they are also considered to be the ones with the most aromatherapy benefits.

Be your own massage therapist at home

A day at the spa would not be complete without a relaxing massage. A massage involves the use of pressure and touch to relax the muscles and other tissues in order to relieve body tension. Regular massage can relieve stress, anxiety, body aches and soft tissue injuries. Due to its relaxing and soothing properties, many people consider massage to be an essential part of the daily care routine. Most of us cannot afford a professional massage as often as we would like, but with the right massage therapy products in its care kit, it is possible to enjoy their benefits as soon as the need arises.

Hand massage devices

image of HoMedics Hand-Held Percussion Massager As the name suggests, the hand massage devices are massage therapy devices that are small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. Handheld massage devices are popular choices since they are compact, easy to use, and tend to be more affordable than other massage therapy devices. They also have the advantage of being able to be applied to virtually any area of ​​your body, so you can release your tension wherever it is. There are two types of hand massage devices: percussion or vibration. Both use vibration therapy, but vibration massage devices apply pressure only to the surface of the skin, while the vibrations of percussion ones travel deeper into your muscle tissue. If you train frequently, you may prefer to use the hand percussion massager to relax your muscles, like those of HoMedics, Theragun and Hyperice.

Vibrator cushions

image of the Obsuforme Massage Car CushionThe vibrator cushions are made to be dropped off where you can sit comfortably. They are used to massage specific areas, such as the neck or back. The ObusForme vibrator cushion for the car is a good example, since it can be used in the car to take care of you, even while driving. The vibrator cushions are great if you just want to relax without having to move a hand massage device, but it is less obvious to target specific areas with these cushions.

Foot massagers

Since your feet support you all day, it’s no surprise that they are often the target of tension and aches. That’s why foot massagers are specially designed for sore feet. A foot massager usually takes the form of a small platform that must be placed on the floor to place your feet on it. Like most massage devices, they most often use vibration, pressure and heat to relax sore tissues and muscles. If you have problems with your feet, be aware that foot massagers are easy to use and store. However, you will have difficulty using them for other aching areas of your body.

Well-being in winter with light therapy

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The New Year is a good time to take care of yourself and develop goals, but for most Canadians, it is mostly a time of cold and dark, which makes the early morning sunrise rather strenuous. It is difficult to stay motivated and positive throughout the winter, when the sun is hardly present. If you feel challenged, you may have already suffered from seasonal depression. People with seasonal depression tend to be in a bad mood at specific times of the year, usually in winter. Symptoms include depression, poor sleep quality and loss of energy. One hypothesis is that seasonal depression is caused by reduced exposure to the sun’s rays during the winter months.

image of the iHome Zenergy Aromatherapy Bluetooth Speaker with remote control and bottle of lavender essential oil

The most common treatment for seasonal depression is light therapy. Light therapy is the process by which you expose yourself to a strong light source, such as a light therapy lamp, in order to compensate for the lack of natural light in winter. Light therapy lamps, such as that of NatureBright or this more affordable model of PureGuardian, mimic natural light by reproducing its health benefits, such as mood enhancement and vitamin D production. These lamps help reduce symptoms associated with seasonal depression. If you are a frequent traveler, opt for a compact model.

If you want to test light therapy, another good option would be the iHome Aromatherapy Bluetooth Speaker. This device offers several light therapy modes and thus aims to optimize your circadian rhythm for more energy during the day and better sleep during the night. Since it also serves as an aromatherapy diffuser and Bluetooth speaker, you can also use it as a white noise machine. This 3-in-1 device gives you almost everything you need to take care of yourself.

Take the next step

In everyday life it is easy to forget to take care of yourself and get carried away by the pressure and our ambitious goals. Sleeping well and taking time to recreate a relaxing day at home are good ways to start improving your well-being, but there is much more you can do. Taking care of yourself also means giving yourself permission to prioritize your health. It can be to set new goals related to your health, to rediscover a hobby that you have left out, or to take a few moments to meditate. Consider how you could prioritize your well-being this year. If you need inspiration, visit the website Best buy to find a variety of products that optimize the health and well-being.

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