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Telework is becoming more and more common. While some people are hired as teleworkers and see their home as their permanent place of work, others move between the office and their home office on a temporary basis or when needed. Whichever reason you choose to work from home, you will need a place to work and your basic needs for work. home office will be the same.

Wondering how to set up a home office that helps you focus, has everything you need and will allow you to work in a dedicated place from 9 am to 5 pm? Here’s a quick list of what you’ll need to telecommute.

The basics of teleworking

Before you settle in and start working from home, you will need to acquire all the basics of the home office. If you have a dedicated room to work in, the first thing to do is choose a computer, a desk, and an office chair.

Choosing the perfect computer for homework

When you telecommute, your computer is your main point of access to the outside world. This is why you want to make sure that the computer you have at home is able to carry out all the professional tasks that you will have to assume.

When choosing a computer, you have several options. There are desktop computers with a monitor if you want a dedicated computer for work. If you are used to working with a Mac computer at work, you can choose to bring a Apple iMac at home.

The laptop are a popular option for teleworking, and there are many different types of laptops. The Macbooks make the transition from work to home entertainment easier as Chromebooks are increasingly making their way into schools and workplaces. These two types of computers are attractive options, as they are equipped with SSD hard drives offering quick boot. Moreover, the Chromebooks have default access to cloud servers, allowing you to store your files securely.

In addition, there are 2 in 1 laptops which also serve as a tablet. This option is great if you need both a tablet and a laptop to work.

Choose an office where you want to hang out

Working at home desk

There are different types of offices, from the large multitasking computer desk with multiple monitors to the classic small desks designed to accommodate a single laptop. There are also desks with built-in bookcases and freestanding desks to allow you to work standing up.

The key to choosing an office is to choose one that has enough space for you to spread out and that is comfortable enough to sit in for a few hours.

Put your hands on a comfortable office chair

While it’s tempting to use one of your kitchen chairs, having a real office chair can make a huge difference when you work for several hours with a computer.

desk chairs

You can find office chairs with casters, adjustable chairs or comfortable chairs with a luxurious look.

Store supplies in your home office

Having a home office organized to be able to telecommute requires office supplies: read our recent article on the most useful office supplies for a home office.

Basic supplies include pens, of paper, binders, notebooks and an shredder if you are handling confidential documents. Don’t forget other office supplies you may need such as staples, paper clips and highlighters.

Get a printer and spare ink

We may live in a digital world, but when you work at home, you always need a printer and a photocopier. The good news? You can choose a all-in-one printer who will print in black and white or in color, copy in black and white or in color, scan and print multiple pages in seconds.

You will also want to have ink spare on hand, in case you run out when you really need to print documents.

Teleworking requires a powerful Wi-Fi connection

range extender for work at homeTo stay connected to colleagues or the office, you need a powerful Wi-Fi connection. If your home office is where you installed your router, you must have a connection strong enough to be able to participate in a video conference, chat online, or use collaboration software to communicate with your employer. Also, make sure your router offers you a secure connection: read our recent article which contains tips for securing your router.

If you’ve had to set up your home office in a quiet location, but don’t have the ideal Wi-Fi, you still have options. You can choose to add a wireless router, a range extender, a Powerline or a system Mesh Wi-Fi. Each of them will provide you with powerful Wi-Fi, no matter where you work at home.

Improve your video calls

There are excellent video conferencing applications these days, including Microsoft Teams and ZOOM. It’s quite frustrating, however, to see your microphone mute in the middle of a video conference. It is also stressful if your monitor cannot follow video conversations with colleagues or customers without lag or blurring.

If you plan to telecommute, you may want to upgrade your microphone and monitor. A good choice would be a USB microphone which will allow you to quickly mute your voice if you just want to listen, but also offers crystal clear sound when you want to speak louder. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, 4K monitors are great for video conferencing.

Protect your workspace with smart home devices

doorbell cam to protect packages

When you telecommute, you may need to receive deliveries, but you may not always be able to go to the door to pick them up. To protect your packages until you are ready to pick them up, you can install a smart mailbox. Some models have built-in cameras and sensors, so you can know immediately when your package has been delivered.

If you are dealing with important equipment or documents and want to make your home and home office more secure, you can also install other smart home appliances. There are Wi-Fi cameras to monitor your outdoor or indoor space and a smart doorbell or Wi-Fi lock. These devices will notify you if someone comes to your home, and allow you to open the door remotely if you need to talk to them or let them in.

Keep your home office quiet when necessary

noise canceling headphones for working from home

Teleworking is completely different than working in an office or shared space. You will have to be your own source of motivation, and you cannot always guarantee that you will be quiet enough to work. Improve your audio installation is a great way to block outside noise and increase your productivity.

The noise canceling headsets are a must for working from home. Available in on-ear and in-ear versions, you can choose the one that suits you best. Read our recent article to learn more about noise canceling headsets. Wireless speakers are another way to block outside noise, and they can also stream music to help you be more productive while you work.

Choose one portable speaker, small, compact and easy to transport from room to room when you need it, and stream your favorite playlists from your phone. You can also download white noise apps to block outside sound or “concentrate” your streaming service’s playlists so you can stay in work mode.

Increase your productivity when you telecommute

Whether you have a whole room for your home office or work in a corner of your living room, your basic needs will be the same. Take a look at all that Best Buy has to offer to help you install at home and make every day more productive than the previous one.

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