Medical Assistant job

This role is responsible for ensuring that the ideal conditions for the daily practice and teaching process are established within the hospital to ensure patient safety and satisfaction, compliance with the hospital standards and guidelines, and the needs of the hospital as a teaching hospital. The chief medical assistant job holder is responsible for assisting the physician by providing the appropriate clinical services and documents to enable the physician to maintain adequate patient care.        

This job is responsible for the following aspects:

  • Delivering the right patient care within the scope of the services performed
  • Notify patient of diagnosis and provide direction to the patient or health care provider to aid in diagnosis, treatment, and management of medical condition
  • Receive, record, and deliver patient information including physician orders, documents, and notes
  • Coordinate all clinical services in the outpatient and emergency departments
  • Other duties may be assigned


Medical assisting is one of the healthcare jobs that provide general knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to take on a wide variety of healthcare roles. It is one of the many allied health occupations that includes patient care, laboratory work, radiology, pharmacy, social work, etc. Medical assistants are specialists in patient care and patient care support. They assist health care professionals in conducting quality patient care. The training to become a medical assistant is lengthy and requires a number of educational programs, including an associate’s degree and/or an associate of science degree, for in-person classroom instruction or self-paced education at a local college, university, or other accredited institution. The educational background needed to become a medical assistant must also include the required courses.

Minimum Requirements

  • High school diploma or GED required
  • License to practice medicine, physician assistant, osteopathic physician, podiatric physician, or have acceptable college degree in health sciences
  • Certificate of Membership, AOA or AOA-AP exam required
  • Current American Heart Association BLS CPR course completed within the last 6 months required.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Current hospital RN badge required
  • Current facility RN badge required
  • Current facility PA badge required
  • Functional Knowledge
  • Able to complete tasks based on order and may be required to complete tasks after another nurse completes them.
  • Able to lift and handle patients weighing up to 50 pounds.
  • Able to take blood pressures and temperature.

Physical Abilities

  • The job requires movement skills to perform all duties including lifting patients from chairs, beds and low stools. The job requires moving about the unit regularly throughout the day.
  • Usable transportation to attend scheduled appointments.
  • Experience with computer literacy
  • Ability to communicate with patients and other health care staff members.
  • Ability to prepare, collect and organize information needed for patient care.
  • Ability to read and interpret medical language.
  • Ability to perform testing with minimum number of mistakes.

Preferred Skills

  • Must be willing to work days, nights, weekends, holidays.
  • High degree of verbal and written communication skills required
  • Must be willing to work with multi-task and handle multiple incoming calls
  • Must be available to work nights, weekends and holidays if required.
  • Ability to work with residents and patients.

Benefits of Medical Assistant Job

Medical assistants help medical and dental offices with the back-office functions such as scheduling appointments, billing, registration and basic record keeping. Medical assistants have become a highly sought-after employee in the health care industry. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the market demand for medical assistants is expected to grow by 18 percent through 2024, compared with 6 percent for all occupations. Medical assistants are paid fairly, they are typically paid between $19.03 and $28.83 per hour, according to

Medical assistants work in many different fields including:

• Physical Therapy

• Podiatry

• Occupational Therapy

• Dentistry

• Podiatry

• Dental Hygiene

• Dermatology

• Audiology

• Nursing

Medical assistants play a crucial role in the overall health of a patient, and work closely with doctors and nurses. Organizations are looking to hire new medical assistants to help meet the demands of the rapidly growing health care industry. If you’re ready to make a major career change, look at the following benefits that you can take advantage of as a medical assistant:

1.     Salary and Growth Opportunities

When a medical assistant enters the job market, they can expect to make anywhere between $19.03 and $28.83 per hour. A typical medical assistant earns more than other medical professionals such as dental hygienists and licensed practical nurses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also says that the medical assistants in the field have a job growth potential of 18 percent between 2015 and 2024.

2.     Job Security

Medical assistants work for years at a time with an employer. This job requires a college degree or a certificate in medical assisting and license by the state where the job is located. A typical medical assistant’s job tenure is usually between 3 to 5 years.

3.     Growing Demand

Medical assistants play an important role in the health care industry and their popularity is growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth potential for the medical assistant’s profession is expected to grow by 18 percent between 2015 and 2024. This is higher than the 6 percent growth of all occupations.

4.     Workforce Convenience

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also says that medical assistants have a relatively stable job market. When you are a medical assistant, you do not have to look for work in the traditional field, or for long hours at the hospital. Most of your work involves scheduling appointments and helping out the physicians.

5.     Job Security

Most medical assistants work with the same employer for years at a time. You can expect to have a job that will last longer than most other jobs. When you are a medical assistant, you are guaranteed a stable, secure income.

6.     Flexibility

It may take you longer to get to work than if you were a doctor or nurse, but that’s a small trade-off in return for better health benefits and job security. Most positions have a flexible work schedule, so you can be at work whenever you feel like it.

7.     Skill Sets

A medical assistant must be skilled at so much more than just dispensing medications. As a medical assistant, you can help any doctor or patient in any way possible. From prescribing medications to helping a patient to make a serious health decision, a medical assistant’s skill set allows for countless interactions.

8.     International Growth

If you are looking for an exciting career in health care, you should consider entering the medical assistant profession. Medical assistants have great career opportunities in countries around the world. According to Modern Healthcare, there are about 285,000 medical assistants working in Canada and 33,000 in the United Kingdom. In Australia, there are some 100,000 medical assistants working in medical facilities.

9.     Savings Accounts

Medical assistants often get jobs that require high salaries. As a result, they have savings accounts to supplement their salaries. You can expect to make anywhere between $2,500 and $9,000 a year if you are working a median wage position. Benefits like this are part of why the medical assistants are so popular with employers.

10. College Degree

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a medical assistant with a bachelor’s degree can expect a salary of more than $64,000 a year. If you are looking for a solid career in the medical industry, consider earning a medical assisting degree. There are a lot of schools that offer this program, and you can even receive it online if you have to be away from home.

11. Flexible Hours

If you do not have children, a job in the medical field might be a perfect fit. Although there are some office jobs that require you to work full-time, it is not a requirement for most jobs. Medical assistants are able to work and enjoy a more flexible schedule in general.

Reasons to Choose Medical Assistant Job as a Career

Medical assistant job is a job which needs to be chosen after research. There are many candidates applying for medical assistant job after attending some seminars and presentations. Few benefits of this job are mentioned below

1.     Medical Assistant Job is a good source to earn a money

Medical assistant job can be a very good source to earn a money. There are many hospitals which provide medical assistant jobs to their qualified employees and you can have a good income from this job. According to one survey, the median pay for medical assistants is $13.61/hour and is depend on your education and experience. One should go for it to earn a decent amount of money.

2.     Medical Assistant Job is a good source for working experience

Medical assistant jobs give you good chance to get experience of working in hospital environment and also helps you to make a good impression for future employers. Many people who quit their job due to job dissatisfaction are now looking for new job as they get job offers from many different companies. You can get a good work experience by doing the job of medical assistant.

3.     Medical Assistant Job is a great way to earn a good salary

Medical assistants get good salary and compared to other jobs; it can be a good source of income to many individuals. Medical assistant job pays very well. According to one survey, the median income for medical assistants is $42,491/year. Many people are making good amount of income by working in different hospitals in different cities.

4.     Medical Assistant Job is a good source for self-motivation

Mostly people get motivated and get keen interest for self-improvement after finishing their study or medical assistant job. In many hospitals, most of the assistants work in medical consulting room and they are able to work in special consultants. Thus, you can get a good self-motivation after getting this job and you can pursue your career in your special area of interest and make good income.

5.     Medical Assistant Job is a good source for opportunities

Another benefit of this job is that you can get opportunities in every city where there are many hospitals and different specialties. You can also get good job in major hospitals and you can earn good money. If you are interested in medical assistant job then you can learn more about the opportunities and job opportunity and can earn good money in this field. You can explore more options and work hard to improve your job skills and personality.

Medical assistants play an important role in medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics, hospitals, clinics, health care centers, medical & non-medical offices, etc. This is due to the increasing demand for a highly skilled, adaptable, and caring workforce.

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