5 Steps to Build a Cloud Strategy on AWS

The first step in creating a perfect cloud strategy for AWS is setting the right expectations and realistic goals. This can be deduced from the problems that your business has and recommendations from your other stakeholders. During this time, you must clearly define your goals and requirements for the cloud. Besides this, you must know that building a cloud strategy requires motivation, accountability, and strong communication. Your vision and foundation must be well thought of in order to breed this.

2. Design with Flexibility and Get Help

As you design the cloud strategy on AWS, you must be very flexible with your mind. Plan in good time and have all the tools ready in iterations and unknown and complex failures. Additionally, you must incorporate technology in the design so that you can easily define your network’s servers and specs. A flexible cloud strategy will be scalable at any time, and this saves you a lot of time and money in future. When your business grows in the next ten years, you will only change a few things and continue using the strategy on AWS. You can also get in touch with AWS consultants and let them assist you on the flexibility bit.

3. Automate Your Infrastructure

Technology evolution is the best thing that happened to businesses. You must think of how the cloud strategy will be handling the data centre, networking, as well as procurement bit. Other cloud processes include asset management and RMA that will show all your assets’ life cycle on the cloud. You should use automation so that the processes require minimal human intervention. Whether you are online or not, your business progress is a sure and guaranteed process.

4. Test the Cloud Strategy Severally

As you go on with the cloud strategy and design, you need to test what you build constantly. After testing the cloud strategy, you should note down the faults or issues you experienced and restructure the plan. Before you set it out for use, you should have tested it at least 100 times and fixed all the bugs and issues.

5. Migration and Optimisation

The last steps are migration and optimisation of the cloud strategy. The migration in moving your entire business to the cloud. After the migration, the optimisation now comes in handy, helping you transform the ways of working, such as the access to the cloud, the restructuring and refactoring of the applications on the cloud.


Building a cloud strategy for business on AWS is a tasking job. It is a journey, and you must follow all the steps without failure. As you build the cloud strategy, you must be very clear on what you intend to achieve and whether it fits your multi-cloud strategy. If you feel a little crowded, you can always seek help from the AWS consultants and get information on building a cloud strategy on AWS.

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