Stanford University

Stanford University is a private university is located in California USA. Stanford University was founded by Leland Stanford and his wife Jane in 1885. Stanford University is one of the country’s best institution ranking in the top 10 national Universities with outstanding academics.

Stanford university occupies 8,180 acres with enrolls over 17,000 students and has more than 45 different departments in the University. Stanford University has 2,288 teachers with the average salary of a teacher is $252,284 per year.

Stanford University has 20 libraries they have advance system in libraries they don’t allow you in the library without having a Id card. If you are on leave then your Id card may not be active. Stanford libraries has around 12 million books, 260,000 are special books and has thousands of other digital resources.

Among 20 libraries Green library is main and huge of Stanford. They also call sustainable library to green library. Library contains various meeting halls, conference rooms, reading rooms and study spaces. Green library contains 4 million volumes.  

 Stanford University has great dining halls for having a breakfast, lunch and dinner for students. Stanford has 14 dining halls, 8 main dining halls, 11 undergraduate dining halls, two late night dining operations, one for athletic training table and summer conference dining.

 Student pays around $2000 approximately for a year. Stanford has different dining halls with fresh vegetables, fruits, fast food and different kind of drinks. They have fresh and healthy food and they have also outside dined if anyone likes it to have lunch or dinner outside.

Stanford University is also good in sports. Students of Stanford are also competed in Olympics and other games. Students of Stanford University have also won a lot of medals in Olympics since 1912. They have 296 medals included 150 gold medals, 79 silver medals and 67 bronze.

The record of The most medals in a single Olympics is held by Katie ledecky (2016) she won 5 medals in a single Olympic and Jenny thompson has won most medals for Stanford university she won 12 medals most by any of university student. Sanford University also claimed 26 medals in 2020 Tokyo Games lead all the other institution and also in 2016 Rio de Janeiro games they got 27 medals.  

Stanford University has managed their 45 departments into 7 schools.

1. School of earth, Energy and environmental science.

2. School of Business.

3.School of Humanities and sciences.

4. School of Engineering.

5. School of Medicine.

6. School of Education.

7. School of Law.

Stanford University is of the most competitive University to get in. It is not easy to get admission in Stanford University. Student have to need lot of preparation and little bit of luck to get in Stanford. There are several programs in Stanford like u can do Bachelor’s, Master, and M.Phil. And Ph.D. and for those all u need to pass the particular exams.

 If anyone wants get admission in undergraduate then u have pass ACT or SAT exam. Then u have to give letter of recommendation any of 2 teachers. Then they will ask for extra curriculum activities. After that they will ask for TOEEL exam or IELTS. They also see 10th and 12th exam result. For applying in undergraduate there are two types of forms.

1. Common application form.

2. Coalition application form.

If anyone wants get admission in postgraduate then he or she has to pass GRE or GMAT exam. GMAT exam is especially for MBA students and GRE for other departments. TOEFL and IELTS is also required for postgraduate.   

Stanford University gets more than 50,000 applications among those applications Stanford accept more than 4000 applicants. For getting scholarship your GPA must be 3.96 or higher than this. If your GPA is lower than this then you have to get higher SAT or ACT score.  

Stanford is one the expensive and best university in USA. Many students’ wants to study in Stanford university but lucky one or Rich people get that chance to study in Stanford. Stanford is one the dream University of Many Students. The university has many departments and best education system in USA.

So any student would love to study in like Stanford University.  So for study many students apply every year. Some of those for scholarship.  Scholarship in Stanford University is not easy chance. Stanford offers many scholarships every year but some students get that chance.

Stanford offers many types of scholarships. They gave around $50 million scholarship every year. Stanford offer 100 fully funded scholarships for international students. They provide financial aid in the form of scholarship. Stanford also gave some scholarship and support disable students.

Scholarship is very important for those who cannot afford fees. Stanford is one of those universities which fully funded scholarships for national and international students. Many Students also apply for scholarship in Stanford University. Scholarship is limited in Stanford. They gave around 80 to 90 students scholarship in a year. So lucky and hardworking can get a scholarship.

For getting scholarship inn Stanford you have to follow some process and compellation of documents.  There are several programs for getting scholarship in university. Knight Hennessey scholars program is also one of those programs. For getting scholarship Knight Hennessy scholars is one of best scholarship program in Stanford. You must submit all knight Hennessy scholars’ application material online.

For applying knight Hennessey scholarship they ask you for your background whether you spend your time in college out of college or any work place. They ask you for a one page resume, One page query which explains academic, experiences, professional and personal experiences.  After that they ask you for a transcript of undergraduate or postgraduate.  They ask you for a two recommendations letters.

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