Oxford University is one of the oldest universities in England. Oxford University is oldest English university in the world. Oxford University was found in 1096 and makes one of the Second oldest Universities in the world.Latest building of Oxford University is made in 1379. Education and environment of Oxford University makes University among top 10 Universities. Oxford has a unique way of study. Oxford treats their students very well and taught them in easy way. Oxford is very well known University among the all other Universities in the world. Oxford University has wonderful study and education system. Oxford University is very famous for research innovations and has most talented student in the world.

Oxford University is of the Public research university and comes in among ancient Universities. Oxford University has wonderful and one of the best architecture and buildings in among all the others ancient Universities. For other universities Oxford is one of the most attractive universities in the world. Mostly students wanted study in Oxford University. Almost Every student dreamed to study in Oxford University.

Oxford University has more than 100 Libraries. Oxford University has one of its oldest and most collection books library. Bodleian Library is one of the main and famous libraries of Oxford University. The most famous Bodleian library of Oxford was found in 1602 and is one of the great libraries in Oxford University. Bodleian Library has more than 13 million collections of books and volumes. Bodleian library is also one the ancient library in Europe.

Oxford University has also museum. Oxford University has seven individual and different kind of Museum. Oxford University has famous collections range in museum in the Museums. Oxford University has one of the ancient and oldest Museums in the world. The ASHMOLEAN Museum is oldest museum in Oxford University and was found in 1683. This museum has one of the world’s ancient collection ranges of art and archaeology. 

Oxford University has more than 100 departments in four academic divisions and 38 individual colleges. Academic staff of Oxford University is about 6,995. There are 24,515 candidates study in Oxford University from which 11,955 are study in Undergraduate program and 12,010 are in postgraduate program. 

Before 1878 women were not allowed to study in Oxford University. They took their degrees in 1920 first from Oxford University.  Oxford University Officially started Co-education system in 1969. Oxford took about 89 years to make Co Education official in University.

Oxford University also participated in games. Oxford university have won 170 medals in Olympic.


Thousands of student from all over the world apply for admission in Oxford University.  Admission in Oxford University is not so much difficult. There are easy ways and to steps to get admission in Oxford. There are mainly 4 steps to get admission in oxford and if you are student of another country then there are some other steps to follow for getting admission in Oxford University. In Oxford University there is lot of students which belongs to another country. Thousands of students out of England are also apply to get admission in University like Oxford.

If any candidate wants to get admission in University then you have to apply for admission from September 1st to October 15th. UCAS is name of application form which you have to fill on the website. For getting admission in University you must be preparing from June.

In First Step you have to decide in which course you would take admission. Then you have to decide that either you will apply for particular college or apply for an open admission. Then University will ask you for your personal statement. After that you have to submit your academic certificates or score. And University will ask you for other things after compellation of this all process you have to submit your application form before October 15.

In Second step you have to give test of that course in which you apply. You have get registration before 15 October and test would be taken on November 3rd.

In third step you have to submit your written work before November 10th.

And Fourth and Final step after all this if you are selected then they will call you for interview. The date of interview will be from December 1st to December 20th. In interview they will ask you questions according to your course. They make sure that how much you are interested and you have knowledge about that course.

After all that process In the starting of January they will send you Email or letter for telling you that your admission is done and now you are student of Oxford university.

And if you are student of other country then there are some other processes which will help you get admission in Oxford University.Criteria for getting admission in Oxford are you must be passed in 10th and 12thwith percentage of more than 90%. Then you have to pass IELTS or TOEFL exam.


Almost every University gave scholarship to their students who can’t afford fees or they belong to poor family. Oxford University is also one of them which give fully funded scholarships to their students. Every Year Oxford University gave about 1,000 scholarships to students. Oxford University gives scholarship to National and also International Students.

There are some scholarships which are given by Oxford University.


This Scholarship is for national students of Russia. Russian Students who are wishing to study In Oxford and can’t afford the fees then this scholarship is best for them.

2: Ahmet Ertegun memorial scholarship.

This scholarship is based on national students of Turkey only.

3: Palgrave brown Scholarship.

In this scholarship there are lots of countries students are able to apply and this scholarship is for those students which are must be resident of those countries. More than 30 countries student can apply in this scholarship.

4: Reach oxford scholarship.

Students which are from low income countries can apply in this scholarship.

5: Oxford center for Islamic studies (OCIS) undergraduate students.

This scholarship is particularly for resident of UK of Muslim Community. They can apply for any course except medicine.

There are also other many scholarships for student in Oxford University which is very beneficial and fully funded. Poor students must apply for scholarships, Scholarship is the best way to get education in university and easily study in any course.

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