What is AWS Textract; A new world with Intelligent Document Processing

This article will explain what Amazon Textract is, how it can benefit you and solve the challenges involved with document processing. Processing Large-Scale Documents: A challenge Mantium + Textract can solve. Many organizations have scanned and handwritten documents, including financial institutions, healthcare, manufacturing, and other businesses. Imagine you have an archive of copies from which … Read more

Top 10 Best NFT Projects in the World

Many experts predict that every year the NFT revolution and the adoption of blockchain are increasing. According to CryptoAdventure, it is further speculated that most NFT projects will shift their focus to special and limited edition releases. especially digital art, trading cards and music. If you are an NFT fanatic, NFT Flipper, NFT collector, NFT … Read more

Amazon web hosting free

Theamazonweb hosting free offerings are presented via means of the world-famed online store Amazon is known as Amazon Web Services (AWS) web hosting. Within the bigger AWS platform, which gives plenty of cloud-primarily based goods, AWS web hosting is one service (over two hundred altogether). Cloud garage and database offerings are some of its best-promoting … Read more

How Cloud Computing Is Changing Management

Theories and practices of management often spring from the opportunities created by new technologies. Interchangeable parts spurred ideas about structuring assembly lines and logistics. The complex calculations of the field known as Operations Research were enabled by mainframe computing. Client-server technology begat enterprise resource planning systems, and the consequent system-wide visibility that was required for what we call … Read more

5 Steps to Build a Cloud Strategy on AWS

The first step in creating a perfect cloud strategy for AWS is setting the right expectations and realistic goals. This can be deduced from the problems that your business has and recommendations from your other stakeholders. During this time, you must clearly define your goals and requirements for the cloud. Besides this, you must know that building … Read more

Cloud Computing – What Is It

Cloud is a frequently-used term in the IT industry, which has different meanings to different people. Does it mean web-based applications or web-hosted services, or does it mean centralized server farms and data centers or platforms for developing and running scalable applications? Actually, the cloud can span all these things and more! Basically, cloud computing … Read more

Insurance Sales Agent Job

This is an exciting and challenging position for an Insurance Sales Agent. Your main objective is to be able to sell products to the customers which they can afford and has an option to buy and then get their quotes together and provide them to the clients to assess their options. You will have to … Read more

Medical Assistant job

This role is responsible for ensuring that the ideal conditions for the daily practice and teaching process are established within the hospital to ensure patient safety and satisfaction, compliance with the hospital standards and guidelines, and the needs of the hospital as a teaching hospital. The chief medical assistant job holder is responsible for assisting … Read more

Lawyer Job

Professionals in various types of law will define the layman on how to go about getting a job as a lawyer. Law schools and other academic institutions generally accept that they would like students to specialize in the field of Law before graduating to pursue further studies in different other fields. Regardless, the process of … Read more

­­Financial Manager Job

As a financial manager, you will be involved in the day-to-day, operational finance of a fast growing, bespoke company. You will be responsible for all aspects of the company’s finance and budgeting procedures and oversee accounts payable, accounts receivable and accounts payable finance. The position requires a sound analytical and administrative skill set, ideally including … Read more